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Report: Audi developing new diesel fuel cap to avoid misfills

Filed under: Audi , Diesel Audi is following BMW by introducing a mechanism to prevent misfueling of diesel vehicles with gasoline. It’s generally not possible to put diesel into a gasoline-powered vehicle as the larger diesel nozzles won’t fit in the filler neck. However, the smaller gas nozzles will fit in the diesel neck

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Audi R8 e-tron entered in road rally

Filed under: Concept Cars , Motorsports , Coupe , Performance , Europe , Audi , Electric , Racing Audi e-Tron – Click above for high-res image Audi is letting the mighty e-tron out to play with the other kids, taking its EV concept to the Silvretta E-Auto Rally in Austria. The competition is designed to pit the latest and greatest of the electric vehicle world against each other over 10 special stages that cover a total of 104 miles. The company has picked Michael Dick, a member of its board for technical development, and Lukas Luhr, a factory race driver, to helm the machine throughout the event

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Audi A1 "the next big thing" movie 6 of 6

Age rating: 12 Years The new Audi A1 episode movie: The final episode reveals the secret of “the next big thing”. And it´s definitely not what John (Justin Timberlake) or anybody expected.