Audi R8 e-tron entered in road rally

Posted on 9 July, 2010

Audi is letting the mighty e-tron out to play with the other kids, taking its EV concept to the Silvretta E-Auto Rally in Austria. The competition is designed to pit the latest and greatest of the electric vehicle world against each other over 10 special stages that cover a total of 104 miles. The company has picked Michael Dick, a member of its board for technical development, and Lukas Luhr, a factory race driver, to helm the machine throughout the event.

If you rack your brain a bit, you just might recall that the e-tron uses a total of four electric motors to put power to the ground. The company is still standing by its claim that the machine puts out a total of 3,319 pound-feet of torque, even though it was eventually settled that the figure came from torque at the wheels, not at the output shaft. Even so, it should be plenty quick with the joy of all-wheel drive and a little over 300 horsepower to scoot the car around.

Look for the car and its crew to show up at the race starting this weekend. Click the jump for the press release.