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200 mph supercars featured at the 2nd Annual Caruso Concours

Filed under: Performance , Audi , Bugatti , Dodge , Ford , Jaguar , Lamborghini , Maserati , Mercedes-Benz , Nissan , Misc. Auto Shows , Ferrari 2nd Annual Caruso Concours – Click above for our high-res image gallery courtesy Greg Grudt The 2nd Annual Caruso Concours was held this past weekend at The Americana at Brand shopping center in Glendale, California

MTM Audi RS6 Avant goes 214 mph, proves wagons uber alles!

Filed under: Aftermarket , Performance , Wagon , Europe , Audi As a profession, there’s a very long list of cars on sale in Europe that we can’t buy which us auto journo types nevertheless constantly rattle our (virtual) pens over. From the Volkswagen Scirocco to the Honda Civic Type R to the 300+ hp Ford Focus to the Citroen C6 , total and complete absence makes the heart grow fonder — as well as providing an easy, brainless way for us to end all stories about said forbidden fruit. I mean imagine reading this line, “The BMW M5 Wagon sports a 507 hp 5.0-liter V10 and can run up over 200 mph with the limiter removed

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Avus Performance tÜRns Audi TT-RS into 460-hp "Neu-Ur-Quattro"

Filed under: Aftermarket , Coupe , Performance , Audi Avus Performance Audi TT-RS – Click above for high-res image gallery Avus Performance has just whipped the cover off their pumped up Audi TT-RS, a 460 horsepower, matte black self-described “Ur-Quattro” for the new millennium.

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Audi recalls over 10,000 2006-2010 A3 and TT models over potential fuel leak

Filed under: Coupe , Recalls , Hatchback , Audi 2009 Audi TT – Click above for high-res image gallery If you’ve got an Audi A3 or TT and like to drive it hard, you may want to check in with your local dealer, because a recall notice has been issued that is directly focused on enthusiastic drivers. The action concerns a spring that holds the fuel tank ventilation valve closed

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2010 North American Car of the Year nominees announced

Filed under: Detroit Auto Show , Etc. , Audi , BMW , Buick , Cadillac , Chevrolet , Ford , Land Rover , Lincoln , Mazda , Mercedes-Benz , Porsche , Toyota , Volkswagen Here in the car journalism biz, this is that time of year when everyone is evaluating all the recently introduced cars to determine which ones truly stand out. Here in town, the crew from Car and Driver are doing their 10 Best testing this week.