So, what makes Audi stand out from the crowd?

Posted on 17 March, 2017

How does an Audi compare to other models of car?

When it comes to purchasing your next car, it can be difficult to decide which brand is best. There are seemingly endless makes and models of vehicles out there that are all competing for our attention which can make the process of choosing a car all the more stressful. We are hoping to highlight the differences between some of the most well-known and popular car models in order to give you a fair evaluation and starting point with which to give you a head start in finding your perfect car!


One thing that has to be said for Suzuki is that they are some of the safest cars out there on the market. Furthermore they have also been hailed as being easy to maintain and very reliable which is something that we know many people look for in their cars. While consumers have said that the exterior of the car is not as glamorous as other makes and that they can be noisy, Suzuki make up for that with a sound engine. There are a wide range of Suzuki cars for sale, so be sure to test drive them to get a feel for the car yourself.


Audis have been praised for the attractive interiors and are a great car for those looking for something easy to maintain and are not overly fussed about performance. Audi’s are popular first cars as they cover all the basics when it comes to being easy to look after and basic handling.


Many Mercedes drivers have said that this car is a slow burner and often doesn’t impress upon first impressions but goes on to be recognised as being a great car to own. One thing that a Mercedes always offers is a sense of quality and a well-engineered automobile. The driving experience with a Mercedes is enhanced as it’s more comfortable and appealing on its interior than some other vehicles.


A BMW is revered for its great steering capabilities alongside being a more refined and powerful vehicle to get around with. For those looking for a powerfully smooth driving experience then a BMW is the way to go. One thing that some consumers have noticed is that as the BMW has developed and tried to improve its efficiency and fuel emissions, it has reduced its driving quality. However, this is a small price to pay for those looking to take better care of the environment!

It is intriguing to see how car drivers have responded to the aforementioned models. It can be said that the BMW isn’t a bad car but it certainly does not get drivers as excited as the BMW or Mercedes for example. Similarly few cars rise up the standard of high quality in engine design that a Suzuki can boast. Each of the aforementioned cars are designed to attract a certain type of driver so it’s important that you establish what driver you are before committing to one vehicle.