5 Fun Facts about Audi You Need to Know

Posted on 2 February, 2016
Audi Logo

You’re obviously an Audi lover or you wouldn’t be reading this article, but it’s hard to call yourself a real aficionado unless you’re aware of some of the less commonly known facts behind the German giant’s greatness. Check out these 5 fun facts about the car manufacturer we all know and love that will add a little spice to your daily Bay Area commute.

1.  Audi’s logo represents the four companies of Auto Union. While we instantly recognize an Audi for the distinctive four rings of its logo, have you ever stopped to think what they represent? Audi’s logo actually stands for the union of four car companies in 1932, when Horch and Audi entered an agreement with two other German car manufacturers, DKW and Wanderer, to form the Auto Union. The Auto Union would become the second biggest car company in Germany after market leader Mercedes-Benz. So, next time you drive by an Audi on your way to work, be sure to let your passengers know about the story behind the rings of its logo.

2.  Say What? The name “Audi” is actually Latin for “hear”. Why Audi? Well, it’s the Latin translation of founder August Horch’s last name, who had to change his company’s name after a copyright dispute at the turn of the twentieth century.

3.  Audi almost died out after World War II. All German car manufacturers turned their resources to the war efforts during the Second World War and when the fighting was over, most of Audi’s assets were tied up in East Germany. It wasn’t until the late 1950s when Daimler-Benz acquired Auto Union as a wholly-owned subsidiary that Audi came back into production.

4.  Audi’s Quattro is based on the frame of an old Volkswagen military vehicle. What? That’s right. The sophisticated system behind Audi’s Quattro is borrowed from the four-wheel-drive Volkswagen, Type 183. You’ll never be told that by anyone offering you car buying tips.

5.  Audi had a secret 1000 HP Audi Rally Car. So secret in fact, that the President of the company didn’t even know about it. It wasn’t until a photographer snapped the car on its test run that the company’s boss, Ferdinand Piëch, discovered the clandestine project. Rumor has it that he was so furious he immediately ordered all cars to be disassembled in front of him. Lucky for the world, one of these beauties still remains and can be seen today in the Audi museum in Ingolstadt.

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