Sport Auto Magazine Readers Confirm that MTM Performance is Still Tops

Posted on 13 November, 2015
2015 MTM Audi S1

Thirteen thousand six hundred automobile enthusiasts and readers of the specialist car magazine have voted for the winner of the sport auto AWARDS 2015. The contenders were drawn from producers of series production and tuned cars and the vote took place on 23rd May. 230 models were separated into 25 categories and for the first time a section for “imported production cars” was added to swell the total number of “production” categories to 15. The knowledgeable sport auto readers placed the very capable MTM-Audi S1 in second spot in the smaller tuned cars category.

The votes cast gave MTM third place in the “Motor Tuning” category. “Our S1 has stormed the steps of the podium at the first attempt – proof that our focus on sporty power and quality is valued by the cognoscenti”, commented Roland Mayer, Managing Director of MTM Tuning, at the award ceremony in the publisher’s home town of Stuttgart. “MTM is ever the byword for the utmost in performance and we want to maintain this trademark characteristic for our future offerings”

The next highlight to emerge from Wettstetten is at the starting blocks; the RS3 Sportback with 415PS is good for 290 km/h (180 mph).

  • 2nd place smaller tuned cars category: MTM-Audi S1
  • 3rd place in “Motor-Tuning” category: MTM

Source: MTM