Audi TT Drives into Viewers Imaginations in new Stunt-Driving Television Commercial

Posted on 25 September, 2015

Audi TT Drives into Viewers Imaginations in new Stunt-Driving Television CommercialJust as the original Audi TT captured the minds and imaginations of consumers with innovative styling and timeless design, the all-new 2016 Audi TT continues to fascinate with driver-focused performance and groundbreaking technology. In the same spirit of imagination, Audi has released a new 30-second television commercial titled “Audi TT: Reality? Check.,” featuring the new TT stunt-driving in a vivid and surreal environment.

Making its debut the weekend of September 19, the commercial features the innovative tilt-shift method of photography, taking the viewer on a highly-visual and exciting journey. In the video, a young boy plays with a toy-sized Audi TT and a model helicopter as he begins to dream. As the viewer is drawn into his fantasy, the Audi TT is seen stunt-driving in the imaginary world, conjuring up images of the Audi brand’s rich racing and motorsports heritage.

As the viewer follows the TT along winding coastlines and through dense forests, they then enter the “real world” – bearing a striking similarity to the city of San Francisco – created by the young boy’s imagination. After the TT zips down city streets, expertly dodges cable cars and is followed by a helicopter, the video concludes with the young boy at his play set, only to be surprised by a familiar scene appearing outside his bedroom window.

Source: Audi