POTTER & RICH present limited special series „RECON MC8“

Posted on 31 August, 2015

2015 Recon MC8 Audi R8 V10 Front AnglePotter & Rich proudly present to the amazed publicity the completion of the first of ten cars of the limited Audi R8 V10 Plus special series, who already ex factory has the fame to be extraordinary. The named “RECON mc8” bolide has been developed by mcchip-dkr company and was built in expensive handwork. It unites in a spectacular way motorsport and luxury: real racing techniques in combination with on-road comfort.

Audi itself offers this super sports car that has become legendary already at lifetime, in various versions. The admitted for road traffic models are named R8 V8, R8 V10, R8 GT, R8 V10 Plus and the limited upon 99 exemplars R8 LMX edition. The latter is in principle the road model of R8 LMS that has become very popular in GT racing sports. Racing series have been already won by this R8 LMS, like the GT Masters, or the also legendary 24h Nuerburgring-North loop race or the 24h Spa-Francorchamps race, making this model a GT3 racer, the success of which are undeniable.

The heart of the RECON mc8 is a serial V10 engine, charged by mcchip-dkr refitted compressor. The engine has been completely demounted and equipped by high performance pistons and forged conrod – after cylinder head and flywheel finishing. The especially shaped at Mechernich/Germany, headquarter of mcchip-dkr, engine management gives the motor very powerful 950 HP (= 699 kW) with 900 Nm of torque after retrofitting. The software was developed, by the way, on the company-own test stand. The setup was tested in longtime tests on German highways (allowing speed above 300 kmph/180 mph) and on many race tracks, the Ascari Race Resort in the Spanish Marbella, e.g. and the Nurburgring Northern loop.

2015 Recon MC8 Audi R8 V10 Rear Angle

The factory-set 4-wheel-drive has been replaced by a rear-wheel drive – in favor of a more sportive behavior and better power-weight-ratio. A Drexler differential lock warrants now for a significantly better traction behavior during acceleration and in cornering limits. A 7 speed double coupling gear box brings the concentrated power quasi transition-free down to the road. The car slowing is made now by an extremely efficient Brembo motorsports braking system from R8 LMS Ultra.

In order to be able to handle this power packet safely and surely on the track as also on road, mcchip-dkr has let KW automotive conceive and materialize a completely new wheelwork. As basis of this special edition served a KW competition motorsports chassis, paired with hydraulic air system (KW HLS).
Also in fields of „sound“, for RECON mc8 was made a successful balancing act between motorsport and comfort. In cooperation with Capristo, the mcchip-dkr team has developed an innovative sound system, likewise in special edition, offering the driver the opportunity to adjust loudness and dynamic pressure of the sound system optimally to the even needed performance via radio.

Concerning the RECON mc8 exterior, the most evident characteristic is the originally Audi R8 LMS Ultra Carbon Body kit. Besides very impressing optics, it causes a significant total weight reducing. Front flaps, a front splitter and an impressing GT3 rear spoiler warrant for excellent output values.

2015 Recon MC8 Audi R8 V10 Interior
In the wider carbon fiber wheel wells, especially made for trackdays three-part BBS motorsport rims in 11×18 inches with 305/30 ZR18 in front and 13×18 inches with 335/30 ZR18 in rear find place now. For everyday life, Potter & Rich have chosen three-part LV1 MB-Design rims in 9×20 inches with 245/30 ZR20 in front and 11.5×21 with 305/25 ZR21 in rear. Both rim variants have been developed – it could not be otherwise – especially for this vehicle.

In contradiction to the exterior, the RECON mc8 interior is dominated by comfort. Here, all parts of the serial R8-V10-Plus have been coated by finest alcantara, ennobled by seams in contrasting colors. Finally, the instrument cluster was completed by a speedometer extension up to 430 kmph/270 mph. At the end, there is to be mentioned that motor and passenger compartment are fire distinguisher equipped. By the way – the vehicle can be purchased, now.

Source: Potter & Rich