Audi of America Confirms Super Limited S3 exclusive edition in Five Colors

Posted on 8 June, 2015

2015 Audi S3 Super Limited Five Colors Front AngleAs part of its ongoing efforts to use Ingolstadt’s in house tailors Audi exclusive to build micro batches of incredibly cool cars, Audi of America has revealed the details of the new S3 exclusive edition. Given the spec and the basis on one of Audi’s hottest models, we suspect enthusiasts will be most interested.

Five and five is the take away here. There are just five examples of five different configurations being built, for a total of just 25 cars across the entire U.S. dealer network. As you might expect given the Audi exclusive tie-in, the most obvious differentiation on these cars will be based on exterior color. In as much, the five colors will be Vegas Yellow, Viper Green, Glut Orange, Sepang Blue and Misano Red.

The tailoring however does not end with just paint. Each car gets an interior with Fine Nappa Leather Package upgrade, including contrast stitching, Audi exclusive inlays in body color, Audi exclusive extended leather package with contrast stitching including covered door armrests and knee pads, Audi exclusive leather controls with contrast stitching including steering wheel and gear shift. Each will be built to Prestige Package equipment levels, and included S Sport seats and 19-inch Performance Package.

Those intimate with the Audi S3’s factory available colors likely have already identified that two of the colors, Sepang Blue and Misano Red, are already available while Vegas Yellow, Viper Green and Glut Orange are outside of normal availability. As you might expect, there will be a price differential between the ten cars with standard colors like blue and red, while the custom paint exteriors of yellow, green and orange will cost a bit more.

Pricing provided to us is as follows. The 10 cars painted in either Misano Red (5 each) or Sepang Blue (5 each) will have a price of $57,250. The 15 cars painted in either Vegas Yellow (5 each), Viper Green (5 each) or Glut Orange (5 each) will have a price of $59,900.