The force within: Audi prologue at Design Miami

Posted on 3 December, 2014
Audi prologue

Audi is continuing with its new design strategy: At Design Miami, the brand with the four rings is presenting the essence of quattro as “The force within”. To mark the tenth anniversary of the show, which takes place from December 3 through 7, 2014, Audi is also presenting the revolutionary Audi prologue concept car – this is the first vehicle created by the Audi design team under the leadership of new design chief Marc Lichte.

One of the world’s leading forums for contemporary and modern design, Design Miami, is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Audi has been a partner to the forum since 2006. “To mark the tenth anniversary of Design Miami, we are providing an insight into Audi’s new design language,” remarked Andreas Mindt, Head of Exterior Design at AUDI AG. “In a change from recent years, our presence under the title of “The force within” is this time illustrated with a design exhibit of our own.” The concept car marks a new departure for Audi design – both inside and out. The showcar gives visible expression to technical innovations in its design and draws both elements together to form an uncompromising unity.

“Design Miami is the perfect occasion to present our new design language to a well-informed audience,” explains Giovanni Perosino, Head of Marketing Communications at AUDI AG. “Design is omnipresent and palpable in Miami. This city’s astonishing speed of development and urban diversity make it the perfect source of inspiration. We are using the forum to take our relationships with innovative forward thinkers to a new level for Audi.” Miami is increasingly emerging as a pulsating hotspot of the design and creative scene. A large number of galleries and design studios have located there in recent years, and renowned architects are planning spectacular new buildings.

The concept car is based on the fundamental principle of the classic Audi with quattro drive: It is perfectly balanced from every angle, with equal emphasis on front and rear. The harmonious proportions of the study vehicle are also reflected in the window graphics and the muscular look of the sides. The design points resolutely to the future, without throwing the past into question. References to previous models emphasize the timeless nature of the design language: For example, the show car’s tail lights are connected by a light strip. This element cites the 1980s and recalls the origins of the brand. “Vorsprung durch Technik is the basic stance of the company, and we want to reflect that in our design,” added Mindt. “Audi epitomizes the consistent, ongoing evolution of design. Our design language is modern and contemporary, but never modish.”

In appearing at Design Miami, the Audi design exhibit now takes its place alongside the work of top designers and architects. In recent years Moritz Waldemeyer, Mirko Borsche, Bjarke Ingels, Clemens Weisshaar, Reed Kram, Tim John and Konstantin Grcic created the brand’s exhibits for the design show.

Source: Audi