Audi TT: Pole-Position for B&B

Posted on 27 November, 2014

2014 BB Audi TT 8S Front AngleEven though the third generation of the cult compact athlete Audi TT has hardly hit the sales rooms of the Audi dealers, the performance specialists of B&B Automobiltechnik from Siegen are already presenting a rather comprehensive tuning portfolio for the dynamic Ingolstadt car. B&B thus moves to the pole position in terms of Audi TT 8S-refinement.

The performance of the Audi TT 2.0 TFSI, 230 PS and 370 Nm strong ex works, is increased to up to 360 PS and 500 Nm in multiple steps by B&B. In the highest development stage, the acceleration time 0 to 100 km/h reduces from 6.2 seconds to only 4.8 seconds. The 0-200-km/h-value even reduces from 24.3 to 17.4 seconds. The maximum speed increases from 250 km/h, where the car is locked in the factory, to as much as 276 km/h.

The B&B motor programme for the Audi TT 8S starts with the stage 1K (Comfort, 1,198 Euro), already increasing the power of the 2.0 litres four-piston turbo motor to 300 PS and 420 Nm by the slight charge pressure increase, and an adjustment of the electronic injection parameters . The TT is made even more dynamic with the B&B-stage 1S (Sport, 1,698 Euro), offering supplementary processing of the intake paths and air guides to mobilise up to 310 PS / 435 Nm.

326 PS and 450 Nm are achieved in B&B-stage 2 by installation of an enlarged and cross-section optimised B&B-special exhaust tube, including sport catalyser, as well as increase of the charge pressure by approx. 0.25 bar with adjustment of the electronic injection parameters. At the same time, B&B reduced the thermal stress on motor and exhaust turbocharger. The price of stage 2 is EUR 3,950 Euro.
Stage 3 marks the current performance peak of the B&B programme for the new Audi TT 8S 2.0 TFSI (9,950 Euro) at 360 PS and 500 Nm.

This power package includes not only a B&B special turbo charger with in-house charging air cooler, but also a changed air intake system and a B&B sport exhaust system with special exhaust pre-tube and racing sports catalyser. Furthermore, adjustments are made in the area of extraction. Mandatorily, the electronic injection parameter is optimised in addition to the hardware upgrades.

In any case, the B&B special oil cooling system is recommended for all performance stages. It is produced with a thermostat in initial equipper quality. The oil cooling system (1,295 Euro) is characterised by a much enlarged volume, a larger surface and improved flow situations, optimising both stability and service life of the motor.

2014 BB Audi TT 8S Engine

For an even more dynamic curve behaviour and the lower look, B&B offers a sports spring set (from 298 Euro upwards) to lower the car body by approx. 30 mm at the FA and by approx. 25 mm at the RA, or alternatively a B&B-threaded chassis for the new Audi TT. The threaded chassis specifically coordinated with the Audi TT 8S and adjustable in height, tension and pressure stage is available as of 1,798 Euro. The adjustable chassis permits clearly higher curve speeds and contributes essentially to increased driving safety. In combination with the B&B-stabilisers at the FA and HA (498 Euro onwards), a clearly reduced wobble tendency of the vehicle and a lower dipping in fast curves are generated. Weight-optimised rims in the 10×20 inch format with tyres sized 265/30R20 skilfully complete the driving-dynamic perfection as well as the outer appearance of the B&B-TTs.

To meet the increased driving power in terms of deceleration as well, B&B will install a special 6- or 4-piston high-performance brake system that generates impressive deceleration values on request.

To reduce exhaust counter-pressure and exhaust temperature, B&B also offers the special exhaust pre-tube with sport catalyser separately. Its installation clearly improves the pipe cross-section and pipe routing and leads to an added output of approx. 10 kW / 14 PS. The price is 1,398 Euro.
To improve the sound, B&B offers sport end mufflers as well as a sport exhaust system from the cat. in addition to this. The prices for this start at 1,295 Euro.

By use of the B&B racing sport exhaust system, incl. metal catalyser, a higher power output is achieved while at the same time reducing the thermal load of motor and exhaust turbocharger. The additional output is approx. 15 kW / 20 PS.

Source: B&B Automobiltechnik