2013 BB Audi R8 V10 plus

Posted on 21 November, 2013

There is no question that the development department of Audi is working under intense pressure on the next generation of the mild-engine sports car R8 that was unveiled seven years ago. But while the first prototype photos of the Audi R8 successor that was envisaged for the turn of the year 2014/2015 has been making the round on the Internet this week and predictions on possible motorization and technical features are being read from the crystal ball, the tuning experts of B&B Automobiltechnik from Siegen prefer to devote themselves to a performance upgrade for the top model of the current R8 series that was introduced in the past year.

Audi and VW specialists thus offer the R8 V10, which is already 550 horse power and 540 Nm strong in the standard version anyway, a three-stage performance boost: Performance and torque are boosted to 595 horse power and 560 Nm in the “small” stage 1. The second R8 missile stage ignites with 610 horse power and 570 Nm while the final upgrade stage called “BB R8 M20/3” sends the free-sucking V10 with its hefty 628 horse power and 585 Nm to the 7-gear S-tronic double clutch transmission. To unfold this power, B&B technicians also undertake modifications on the ignition and injection system as well as the intake channels and air ducts in addition to the installation of the company’s own racing exhaust system made of stainless steel and the B&B carbon special air filters. And of course, the engine control electronics are adapted to the new situations.

Uncompromising performance

Equipped in this manner, the four-wheel racer weighing about 1,670 kilogram shoots up to a 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds and beats the magical 10-seconds sonic barrier in 9.6 seconds in the 0-200 km/h sprint – the “unofficial” admission ticket into the club of super sports cars. Maximum speed is the impressive 328 km/h.

Depending on the gusto and area of application, the B&B exhaust system releases the vicious V10 roar into the surroundings thanks to its valve control system with remote control and can be strongly or less unfiltered depending on demand: Its sound is adjustable in four stages.

For an absolutely perfect road handling, B&B combines the company’s own racing chassis (adjustable from -20 to -40 millimeter lowering) with light alloy wheel rims of size 9×20 on the front axis and 11×20 inches on the rear as well as the slip-proof rubber rollers of the dimension 235/30R20 in front and 305/25R20 in the rear.

Of course, B&B Automobiltechnik also offers multistage performance boosts, different chassis upgrades and tire/wheel combinations in the 19 and 20-inches combinations as well as the sharp ceramic high-performance brake system (serial for the R8 V10 plus) analogously for the smaller variations of the R8 family.

Source: Audi