Buying second hand car is always tricky

Posted on 18 October, 2013

You have to make excellent research and to choose very carefully, because you can easily buy wrong car or a broken one.

First you have to make sure what kind of vehicle you need and what brand. If you have decent budget may be Audi will work just fine for you. When you know, what kind of brand you search for, you have to choose the model – whether a class-leading A4, small and smart A3, a sport TT or super-luxurious A8. There are a lot of used audi’s for sale at carbase to search for.

After you decide what brand and model you like, you have to do your “homework” carefully. Start reading local automobile forums, where you will find tons of information about problems, spare parts price or tuning if you are a fan of power and style.

Second hand Audi cars might bring you to bankruptcy, if you buy a car with a lot of problems such as engine or electronics issues. The suspension is tricky, too because this manufacturer delivers nice comfort, but with the expense of a lot of moving parts, which can be broken. Try to look for cars with full maintenance history.

Top condition is very important, so you have to search at places, where cars are guaranteed to be in tip top condition and at decent price.