The Cost of a Used McLaren F1

Posted on 30 April, 2013

Remember the golden age of eBay ad selling miscellaneous collectibles like Beanie Babies online to the highest bidder. Now there are newer trends with much larger items being sold regularly online via eBay, such as cars. While most cases we see used cars that amount to nothing in terms of price, maybe a few thousand dollars here or there. We never imagined we would find a McLaren F1 online for purchase.

Brand New back in the 90s the F1 ran for about $4 million USD, even though this one used has only a few hundred miles, the price tag is likely to bring the same price tag, if not even more considered its rarity. But how about we put aside price tags, and just take into consideration this McLaren F1 apparently hasn’t even been driven at all from its current owner. Like how does the King of Supercars, just sit in a garage all day every day for almost two decades? When do you cross the line of an investment, or a pleasure? For many it would be nearly impossible to avoid the temptation to hop into this supercar, and just burn! Somehow this owner was able to avoid that temptation for a long time, and because of that he is likely to get a huge return on investment by major player in the car enthusiast world.

Imagine you go to a family gathering, and you walk out back into your uncles garage and stumble upon the marvel and beauty which is a McLaren F1, barely used. If you weren’t a car guru, you wouldn’t know that this vehicle would reach an official speed of 240-mph, which is a Guinness-verified top seed record, which was held for almost a decade.

Or you can be like Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) and enjoy it until you crash it and still make its worth back in a payback. The only drawback of his incident is has to pay 60,000 Euros in insurance policy. Hope it was fun Bean.

So what is it that makes the McLaren so fast, and so powerful? For starters let us look at the 24-karat gold that is used to help reflect heat off the titanium components of the engine, allowing it to reach such stressful situations. At 627-hp, and a V12 engine with 6.1-liters, it really is hard to imagine that this vehicle is even street legal. It is like NASA put aside its efforts with space exploration and shifted their focus to sport cars.

The structure and body of the F1 is made up of a lightweight carbon fiber monocoque, or a one-piece body design. It is incredibly aerodynamic, and this engineering feat was a first of its kind. There were only 100 of these models built between 1993 and 1998, thus improving the value of this one being sold by this individual used, or barely used to be exact. It is known that if a vehicle sits for to long it could actually be damaging to the engine components, but reports state that the vehicle has been started a number of times to ensure it works properly.

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