Software Designers Are Challenged by Ford

Posted on 30 April, 2013

Are you a software developer, or designer of mobile applications? Do you want to have the opportunity to create industry changing software for a large brand like Ford? Well now you have the chance to do just this. Ford Motor Company at the latest auto show has put forth a remarkable challenge asking all software designers out there to put their creativity and technicality to use by producing a personal fuel-economy application.

Just around the same time as the New York Auto Show, Ford Motor Company took it upon themselves to bring up this challenge and present it. It seems a bit odd to ask for such a product, especially with how well the EcoBoost and Hybrid models have done in the last couple of years. But much like Ford’s new slogan “Go Further” they are looking to find a user-friendly way to help drivers extend their fuel range. Providing them with a personal app could help add 1-2 mpg for each driver once they are able to identity bad driving habits and make the necessary changes.  Improving 1-2mpg, could save drivers hundreds or even thousands on annual basis.

Personalized applications are a growing trend in the digital community, like Nike Plus for example which allows runners to track, put tighter their own personal training plans and set goals. It also allows them to gauge their performance against other runners. Also allows them to discover new methods to improve performance. Now we can’t compare a runner to a car, but ultimately they are striving for similar goals which are to run longer and more efficiently. Creating a personal fuel-economy app would allow drivers to view their data, and notice any type of hiccups in their performance, based on speed, and other factors, they can then make any changes they deem responsible for this decline in performance. Ultimately this could improve a lot of drivers understanding of efficient fuel management.

If you are a software developer or know someone who is, then you can go ahead and register at the Ford Challenge Post site. The winner or winners will receive $50,000 for their software.  The only challenge is that they require that the software be designed on a OpenXC platform. It is also uncertain whether the app will be utilized on the Ford infotainment systems, or obtainable on most smart phones.