ABT Audi AS7

Posted on 22 August, 2012

The design is simply exciting. The Audi A7 is among the most elegant silhouettes in the entire premium segment. The “Sportback” is a really chic model – and sporty at that. This particularly applies to the ABT AS7, which is not only a paper tiger but also a real one, exactly as its drivers would expect. Hans-Jürgen Abt, CEO of ABT Sportsline, summarises what these expectations are: “You should be able to feel that you are actually sitting in a ‘sports car’ all the time. But the car also has to be comfortable and suitable for everyday use.“ It goes without saying that the “AS” in ABT AS7 stands for “astonishingly sporty”. After all, its development was based upon all the motorsport and touring car experience of ABT. The AS7 embodies all the know-how that the largest tuner of cars of the Volkswagen Group has.

The new premium Sportback’s facts are impressive: We may disclose, even before the extensive tests have been concluded, that it has at least 520 hp (382 kW). By comparison with the very dynamic sstandard version, this is 100 hp (74 kW) more. The top speed is 290 km/h. The elegant luxury car is a vehicle that is also huge fun when being driven at high speeds. A torque of 650 Nm lets the V8 cope with every situation. “Our AS7 is powerful, torquey, but also easily controllable”, says Hans-Jürgen Abt. This chic sports car from Bavaria is simply an ideal travel companion and racer.

Befitting the sporty potential are the CR or DR alloy wheels in 20 or 21 inches. It goes without saying that ABT also sells these design wheels in combination with high-performance tyres. After all, it is only at high speeds that the potential of the fast ABT AS7 can be fully utilised. The right suspension springs guarantee an even more sporty feeling when taking a curve. Alternatively, ABT can also provide a lower air suspension setting called ABT Level Control.

And all those who would rather want a real limo or Avant station wagon but not do without the sporty ABT spirit, this could be interesting news indeed: ABT Sportsline is currently developing a similar performance package for the S6 as well. This is the A6’s faster brother, as it were. We will shortly provide you with this premium car’s exact specifications.