2013 Audi R8 Range

Posted on 17 August, 2012

Audi has revealed the UK price list for the new R8 facelift. The entry-level version costs £91,575, while the new range-topping R8 V10 Plus will be £127,575 with the double-clutch gearbox included.

Te R8 range brings bucket seats and ceramic brakes as standard, along with additional carbon fiber panels, an optional matt paint, as well as a few extra ponies from that V10 5.2-liter hand built engine.

While the standard V10 pumps out 518 HP, the Plus version of the R8 comes with 543 HP, making it 0.1 seconds quicker in the 0-62 mph sprint. The R8 Plus also comes with 19″Y-spoke alloy wheels that were available for the limited-run R8 GT, along with exhaust pipe detailing and a darkened grille.


Engine Bodystyle PS Transmission Price (£) OTR
4.2 FSI  (V8) Coupe 430  manual £91,575
4.2 FSI  (V8) Coupe 430  S tronic £94,475
5.2 FSI  (V10) Coupe 525  manual £112,675
5.2 FSI  (V10) Coupe 525  S tronic £115,575
5.2 FSI (V10 plus) Coupe 550  manual £124,675
5.2 FSI (V10 plus) Coupe 550  S tronic £127,575
4.2 FSI  (V8) Spyder 430  manual £100,225
4.2 FSI  (V8) Spyder 430  S tronic £103,125
5.2 FSI  (V10) Spyder 525  manual £121,325
5.2 FSI  (V10) Spyder 525  S tronic £124,225