Audi channels its "Ugly Duckling" past to sell 2012 A5

Posted on 2 April, 2012

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Audi A5 commercial screencap - Paul Jaray design

Paul Jaray was an Austrian-born engineer who transferred his aerodynamic designs for zeppelins to the smaller canvas of the automobile. His work included vehicles like the Tatra T77 and T87, and cars inspired by his work and patents included the Chrysler Airflow and Ford Zephyr.

Most of his creations weren’t exactly pretty, however, as the rebodied Audi concept car above amply demonstrates. A new Audi ad shows how far the brand has come in the looks department by contrasting that streamlined-but-ugly-duckling coupe with the 2012 A5, with a little help from singer Danny Kaye and Hans Christian Andersen. We like the spot quite a bit, but wonder if Audi wouldn’t have been better served by having it pitch the aerodynamic beauty of the A7 instead. Follow the jump to check it out.

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