Audi: “the design details will be different.”

Posted on 29 November, 2011

The accusation began when the Audi A4 and A6 took on rather similar detailing, and it was all but confirmed with the arrival of the latest A8: Audi was making the same car in different lengths. BMW, in fact, has been accused of the same thing with its sedans. Unlike BMW, though, Audi is apparently working to change that. It has begun a design overhaul called AQR that is claimed will “a set of individual themes for each of the three major model families.”

The acronym AQR stands for Audi sedans and hatches, Quattro SUVs, and R sports cars, and from the way it sounds, each group will get new detailing that sets it apart from the other group. According to Audi design honcho Stefan Sielaff, “the design details will be different.”

The initiative is occasioned by people saying Audi cars look alike, but based on the description of AQR, we can’t tell how that’s really going to change. Sielaff specifically said the project would address the proportions of the sedans in order to combat the ‘one sausage of different lengths’ perception, but we look forward to seeing if the sedans will rea