SEMA 2010: Stasis R8 V10 Spyder and Autonomous Audi TTS say hello to Vegas

Posted on 4 November, 2010

 Stasis Audi R8

What happens when tuners cast eyes on the Audi R8 is symptomatic of the basic and inherent awesomeness of the R8 proposition, both design- and driving-wise. See, there isn’t much that happens on any tuned Audi R8 – all of them look like Audi R8s, maybe with a little more carbon fiber and a new set of wheels. There is simply nothing else to be done to it that could make it better, or, at least, we haven’t seen it, and so almost all hyped R8s are known by their rims.

Stasis has joined that club, with an R8 Custom Spyder blessed with up to 7.5 psi of supercharger boost good for 710 horsepower, some suspension mods and a 20-inch set of its trademark wheels. An independent cooler keeps the supercharger chilled, and a lighter, more open exhaust runs out of larger tailpipes. It certainly looks good, and that’s mostly because the R8 looks good on its own.

Of all of the high-dollar cars in Audi’s first-ever space at SEMA, only the autonomous TTS was behind a barrier and untouchable. Pikes Peak dust still coated its antennas and inertial sensors, and the open hatch revealed just how much computer hardware is necessary to replace a human. Almost. There are details in the press release after the jump, and multiple views of both in the gallery of high-res photos below.