Consumer Reports: 2010 Reliability scores as predictable as Asian cars are… reliable

Posted on 27 October, 2010

Consumer Reports reliability report 2010

Consumer Reports has released its annual reliability scores for the automotive industry. The 2010 edition reads like the 2009 report… which reads like the 2008 publication, which reminds us of the 2007 version that was similar to the 2006 release. Asia is once again at the head of the class while America has reportedly made great strides and Germany is a mixed bag.

Even with a recent rash of recalls, Toyota (along with Scion and Lexus) is still near near the top of CR’s reliability chart. Honda and Acura are also listed as producing highly reliable vehicles, with only the four-cylinder Accord and TSX receiving average ratings. Nissan had a strong showing despite the fact that its Cube, in the first year it has appeared in this report, received a below average score. The Nissan Titan was also hit as being below average. The rest of the lineup however, was rated average or better, including the entire Infiniti model line. Subaru, Hyundai and Kia all had good scores as well, with only Subie’s WRX falling below average.

The U.S. automakers made major improvements for 2010. Eighty-three percent of the Chevrolet lineup received scores of average or better. In total, nearly 70 percent of the entire General Motors family is rated at average or better. Ford is the top domestic manufacturer on the list though, with 90 percent of its lineup being given ratings of at least average. That figure is inclusive of the Lincoln brand. It’s not all good news in the states unfortunately as none of the Chrysler products were able to receive a rating higher than average.

Reliability for European cars has always been an journey filled with ups and downs. The 2010 reliability scores are no exception. Porsche and Volvo are near the top of the industry while Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi are among the worst. BMW was certainly not helped by its N54 engine, Mercedes has six of 13 models receiving below average ratings and Audi got the same ratings for 75 percent of its lineup. On the flip side, the Porsche Boxster has the highest rated reliability in the entirety of the report.

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[Source: Consumer Reports]