Rendered Speculation: Audi A9 concept

Posted on 21 May, 2010

From the front, high three-quarter angle, Daniel Garcia’s Audi A9 concept is a little too reminiscent of BMW’s Vision EfficientDynamics Concept. Yet, as is the case with so many geniune Audis, get to know it a bit more and you discover its beautiful and original secrets. As a concept, it’s full of features like self-repairing panels and a pushbutton that changes the exterior color, but we have to admit we’re digging those electroluminescent, spoked wheels.

Better yet is the exterior, with its inviting proportions, conceivable enough that if someone told us this will be the 2016 A7 Sportback we’d give them the benefit of the doubt. Have a better look at it in the gallery of high-res photos below, and we’ll hope that one of Audi’s coming software apps includes running a program that turns your A8 into this.