Report: Audi TT RS headed to Canada in limited numbers, as is rear-drive BMW X1

Posted on 18 March, 2010

When Audi launched the TT RS, we were initially told that the automaker had no plans to bring it to the States. And while rumors have cropped up that suggest otherwise, we still don’t have the official word from Audi about whether we’ll ever get the chance to experience the 335-horsepower TT. However, our friends to the north can apparently rejoice – Audi will reportedly be bringing the TT RS to Canada, albeit in very limited numbers (250 units, to be exact). It is not yet clear whether those 250 units will be in coupe or convertible form – or both.

Additionally, Monvolant reports that Canadian consumers will be able to spec a rear-wheel drive BMW X1 when the crossover goes on sale next year – a configuration that will not be available in the States. Canada is likely to only receive X1s equipped with BMW’s 3.0-liter inline-six, good for around 260 horsepower.

We aren’t very upset about the fact that U.S.-spec X1s will only have all-wheel drive. However, if Audi is going to tease us by bringing 250 examples of the too-hot TT to this continent, the least it could do is spec a few for U.S. (or just Autoblog) consumption. Thanks for the tip, Martin!