Audi A8 Hybrid a concept in name only

Posted on 3 March, 2010

In the Them’s Big Words department, Audi is calling its A8 Hybrid “the efficiency standard.” And it’s not exactly untrue since the top-of-the-peak, 211-horsepower V6 sedan boosted by a 45-hp electric motor has more power than an A3 TDI and a faster 0-to-60 sprint, yet the gas mileage comparison isn’t unfavorable: the A3 gets 34 miles per gallon combined, the A8 Hybrid does 38 mpg. And you get all that A8 size and panache. And 21-inch rims. Responsibly.

All that is certain to cost you come negotiating time: It remains a concept so Audi hasn’t released a price, but when you’re talking about getting the moon, it’s safe to figure it’ll cost you a few stars.