Ready, set, speculate! Justin Timberlake joining new Audi concept in Geneva

Posted on 25 February, 2010


In addition to the world premiers of the RS5, the all-new A1 (complete with Justin Timberlake cameo) and the near-production A8 Hybrid, Audi plans to trot out an additional concept car onto the stage at the Geneva Motor Show, and your guess is as good as ours.

With the two previous e-tron concepts and Audi’s push to get an electric sports car to market within the next two years, it almost seems inevitable that another variant of the e-tron is in the cards, but maybe not this soon. Other possibilities include a new hatch to replace the A3 – something that seems decidedly staid for an otherwise spectacular show – and our personal pick: Something TTish. So… what do you think is coming to Switzerland? Sound off in the comments below and get ready for our live coverage beginning on Tuesday.