Dangerous Driving Behavior

Posted on 7 December, 2009

I would like to summarize the some of the dangerous driving behaviors who could lead to serious accidents. Car crashes continue to be the leading cause of death among teenagers of driving age. Then you might need my friends from used car parts web site.

* Cell phone use: Common sense suggests that manipulating a cell phone while driving will increase the likelihood of an accident. However, as presented in “Driven to Distraction: Cell Phones in the Car,” hands-free systems have not been shown to have any positive effect on reducing that rate.
* Loud music: Listening to loud music inhibits the driver’s ability to hear horns and emergency vehicles, and can stimulate faster, more reckless driving.
* Passengers: Passengers can be distracting, especially to young drivers. Studies show that young drivers with young passengers tend to get in more accidents than those driving alone. Many states now address this issue by including passenger restrictions in graduated licensing programs.
* Anger and stress: Some people go for a drive as a means of combating anger or stress, but tense motorists may have impaired judgment and may be more likely to drive in an aggressive manner.
* Text-messaging: For many, text-messaging is becoming a primary means of communication, and some drivers are multi-tasking at great risk.