Mystery psychedelic-wrap Audi

Posted on 12 November, 2009

While it may not be beautiful, there’s no denying the R8’s curb appeal. Subtler, but far sexier, are the understated lines of the A5/S5 — no small feat to pull off with a three-box coupe. And while the Q7 looks like some sort of prehistoric giant sloth, we’re still with P.V. 100%.

So, is this the new A8? Hard to say. The C-pillar fits the part but the rear glass really is radically sloped. And that trippy tape job really does mask the mule’s size. Could it be the new A6? Again, yes, sure, but… There’s almost something too daring about the shape to be such a meat and/or potatoes ride. How about this — it might be the long-rumored A7. You know, the swoopy “four-door coupe” set to compete against cars like the Mercedes-Benz CLS. That makes much more sense. Take a long look at the rear glass and thick C-pillars in this spy shot. We thinks we may be on to something. Especially if you stare long and hard at the tail lights — the outer ones appear real and taped off, while the inner lights appear to be fake pieces of reflective tape. A design that conforms to the blurry A7 shots we’ve seen.