Old School Haulin’ – MFK Autosport’s Powercar RS6

Posted on 16 October, 2009

While most shops focus on tuning the latest Euro hotness, MFK has put its efforts into modifying the old-school (C5) Audi RS6, dropping the wagon over a set of 20×10.5-inch wheels and stretching some sticky 285/25 Dunlop rubber over each satin black, three-piece hoop.

Unfortunately, MFK hasn’t divulged what’s been done to the suspension, and there’s even less info about the engine mods. All we know is the twin-turbo, 4.2-liter V8’s software has been tweaked to coax out 520 horsepower – another 80 hp over the stock, Cosworth-modified mill – and a full sports exhaust is available for the princely sum of 5,999 euros (nearly $9k USD). Or maybe that’s a typo in the awkwardly translated press release below the fold.