Now We’ve Seen it All Part Pi: Pink Audi R8 in Holland [w/POLL]

Posted on 1 October, 2009

Just when you felt life was getting a little bit boring, along comes this piece of literal Dutch eye candy to remind you that many people are crazy. Yes sir, that’s an Audi R8. Yes sir, someone painted it pink. But not just pink – light candy pink with darker pink blades. Now, let’s say for a second that the carbon fiber blades are actually baked pink plastic. That would be kinda OK in our book. However, since they are obviously nothing but regular carbon fiber painted pink, we’re against them. Moreover, they look slightly purple. And pink and purple simply do not match.

Not that there’s anything wrong with pink all on its lonesome. It can be done well, and at least one of us (*ahem*) liked the Mansory Vitesse Rose at Frankfurt. But even if you totally loathe Mansory’s handiwork, at least they put some effort into it. From the single photo we got here, looks like the pink R8 is just, sorta… pink. Lazy pink, really. But of course the real reason for this post (besides the laughter) is to figure out what we should call all-pink cars. Because obviously, it’s now a trend.

Even though the Russians gave the Emirates a run for their stacks of $100 bills, in the end “all Dubai’d out” beat “all Moscow’d out” in our poll to determine the correct nomenclature for mirror-finished/chrome cars. But then, what to call pink cars? We’ve got a few ideas listed in a poll after the jump. But if you have your own suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments. Oh, and here’s an all gold R8 for you to contemplate while you vote. Thanks to “The Fireball” for the tip!