What’s Worth What? AdAge looks at values of automakers’ marketing accounts

Posted on 30 September, 2009

Although auto industry money is a bit tight at the moment, in order to sell vehicles, automakers have to buy advertising. Lots of advertising, in big, expensive campaigns with high production values and creative that’s at the vanguard of style. Advertising agencies that can handle the needs of giant clientele with international brands are still happy to welcome automotive accounts through the doors.

Advertising Age has taken a look at the still-big auto advertising business and what fifteen assorted manufacturers drop on advertising per year. Landing one of these big vehicular fishes would surely make an account executive smile, though AdAge rightly posits that some of are sexier than others. Toyota spends the most at more than $800 million, with Ford coming in second at nearly $700 million. The biggest accounts don’t seem to be in any danger of having their deals come up for review, however, so it may be easier to poach someone who’s already looking, like Chrysler or Volvo. Hit the link for all the figures.

[Source: Advertising Age]