Rendered Speculation: Audi EV

Posted on 25 September, 2008

The idea of a small, efficient vehicle is not new to Audi. Perhaps you remember their A2, the aluminum premium super mini that despite its technological innovations wasn’t a market success. But those were different times, when “premium car” was associated with the image of a luxurious sedan. With the current volatility in oil prices, going for smaller cars is not only smart, but also trendy. And because fashion is of high importance with the upper classes, the little green cars with luxury trimmings become quite plausible.

As VW has the Up/Space Up pair already in works, we can imagine that the new Audi will share the same platform. This gives us the approximate sizes and proportions. A slightly elevated floor is also necessary to provide battery space in an electric vehicle. The “service hatch” first used on the A2 could also make a comeback on the EV, especially if we consider that it makes a good place for a plug-in socket.

Add to that some chrome and lacquer finishes, LEDs and fiber optics in the lights, some fancy wheels and there you have it: small, electric, trendy and premium.