Audi TT FT565 Twin Turbo

Posted on 30 April, 2008

A custom car like this one is truly a labor of love which showcases superb dedication, teamwork and craftsmanship, the marrying of ideas and dreams of both the owner and the builder, and an amazing attention to the details of what you see, and especially, of what you don’t see. Also, a show car at this high level of caliber exhibits a series of industry “firsts” which go by virtually unnoticed to the casual observer:

  • The first new Mk 2 TT in North America – one of the first production Euro-spec TT’s, it was purchased in Germany and shipped directly to the HPA Motorsports headquarter facility in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
  • The first of 10 limited edition HPA FT565 Twin Turbo conversions
  • The first production KW Suspension V3 coil-over kit for the Mk 2 TT
  • The first production LSD slant door kit for the Mk 2 TT
  • The first production Brake Upgrade Kit for the Mk 2 TT
  • The first production Oettinger body kit for the Mk 2 TT
  • The first production Moda new model “MD3” wheel set
  • The first production Dunlop Sport Maxx “GT” tires, not yet officially released

Last but not least, was a wheel and tire upgrade designed to improve adhesion, increase the contact patch by widening the rubber, and provide a striking custom appearance. The wheel selected was the new 19×8.5 inch Moda MD3 for its classic five spoke design and interesting paintable surfaces, which are of course done to match the wild exterior. In the rubber department, the TT was blessed with new, not yet released (at the time), Dunlop Sport Maxx “GT” tires in 255/35ZR19 for all four corners.

The new TT tips the scales in at a stellar lightweight 3262 lbs. because of Audi’s hi-tech space-frame chassis construction which is about 70% aluminum. This gives it a refined, light and lively feel, and offers a huge handling advantage when things get twisty. The KW V3 coil-overs in combination with the OE sway bars result in a slighter firmer ride, but keep the vehicle extremely flat under hard cornering. At any speed the chassis felt well planted and neutral, and provided excellent feedback through Audi’s new electro mechanical speed sensitive steering. The new Haldex controller worked seamlessly to distribute power more effectively to all four wheels making this car particularly fun to drive. Also, the upgraded brakes were outstanding with a firm linear feel, and the new Dunlop Sport Maxx “GT” tires provide a very high level of grip for a street tire. This HPA TT is truly approaching handling nirvana.